HA2 Series Applicators

This application system is capable of holding 1-4 module extrusions. It is designed with low profile applicators so it can fit in narrow spaces. Its cutting edge technology permits exceptional cut-offs and prevents tailing. There is a wide range of standard and custom nozzles to fit these configuration, including:

  • Standard Single Orifice Nozzle: .010” – .040” Orifice Sizes
  • Standard Extrusion Large Orifice Nozzle: .020″ – .101″ Orifice Sizes
  • Large Single Orifice Nozzle: .020” – .101” Orifice Sizes
  • 90° Multi-Orifice Extrusion Nozzle: .015″ – .030″ Orifice Sizes
  • 90° Multi-Orifice Nozzle: .015” – .030” Orifice Sizes
  • T-Bar Nozzle: 1.250″

HA2 Series Spray Applicators 

HA2 One Module Spray Applicator

One Module Spray Applicator

This applicator utilizes patented spray technology and has compact heater bodies which can hold 1-14 modules. The in-line filtration prevents nozzle plugging saving your money and reducing down time.

  • Standard Spray Nozzle: .010″ – .090″ Orifice Sizes
  • Spray Nozzle: .010” – .090” Orifice Sizes
  • Air Cap for Spray Nozzle: Standard.180″ or .125″ or .200″ Special
  • Air Cap: .180” Standard, .125” or .200 Special

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