Manual Applicators

In-Line Extrusion Handgun

In-Line Extrusion Handgun

In-Line Series Manual Applicator System

In-Line Extrusion Workstation

Our range of manual applicators is ideal for a wide range of applications including: manual case sealing, furniture assembly, foam packaging, product assembly, packaging, and woodworking. These handguns are specifically engineered for extrusion and spray applications. Complete workstations engineered to your specific application are also available.

We have a variety of traditional and In-Line handguns with multiple configurations to meet the manufacturing requirements of a multitude of industries. Our manual applicators are designed with various entry angles for easy manipulation in all types of applications. Application configurations include: extrusion, spray and slot coating.

Traditional Handgun Specifications

  • Our patented spray technology allows for patterns ranging from 1/4” to 14” widths.
  • Each manual applicator is made with a durable, solid aluminum construction, and is well insulated for a comfortable grip.
  • Heated components are isolated in the main body of the applicator to minimize heat exposure.

In-Line Applicators Specifications

  • Ergonomic, compact, lightweight design makes the In-Line handgun a delight for operators to use.
  • In-Line design allows for a simple valve mechanism with fewer moving parts than most   handguns, producing exceptional reliability and cost effectiveness to maintain.
  • Overhead mounting prevents the handgun from being dropped, eliminating the number   one cause of handgun repairs.
  • A variety of mounting options can be configured to meet your specific requirements.
  • Our patented spray technology allows for glue patterns ranging from 1/4” to 14” widths depending on the adhesive used.
  • Hose lengths available in 8, 12, 16 and 20 feet.
  • A variety of nozzle styles allow the In-Line handgun to work best for you and your specific application needs.
  • 100-120Vac, 50/60Hz service