Supply Unit Options

  • Supply unit options allows for maintenance supervision/control of the supply units
  • Diagnostic tools for regular maintenance up keep
  • Available on both 2300 and 2400 series systems

Flow Valve Lockout

1 Flow Lockout

Flow Valve Lockout

  • Flow valve adjustment lockout allows maintenance supervisors to set desired adhesive flow and locks out operators from adjusting without supervision
  • Regulation and control of adhesive flow increases cost savings and profitability
  • Easy to use key access for adjustment

Operator Panel Lockout

3 Operator Lockout 2

Operator Lockout Panel Open

2 Operator Lockout 1

Operator Lockout Panel Closed







  • Operator Panel Lockout allows maintenance supervisors to set desired temperatures for application
  • Locks out operators from adjusting temperatures without supervision
  • Access holes are provided so operators can turn the power and pump on/off, put the unit in standby mode, and utilize the self-diagnostic digital temperature readout
  • Easy to use key access for adjustment

Flow Pressure Gauge Assembly

4 Pressure Guage

Pressure Gauge

  • Glue manifold pressure gauge assembly allows for fine tuning of adhesive pressure/flow
  • Quick view access of current pressure rate
  • Accurate control of adhesive output yields high standards for product quality assurance
  • Helps to diagnose wear and tear on flow valve, pump or motor for easy maintenance up keep