In-Line Spray Handguns

In Line Spray Handgun

In-Line Spray Handgun

  • Ergonomic, compact, lightweight design
  • Patented spray technology
  • Pattern widths ranging from 1/4” to 14”
  • Overhead positioning of the handgun facilitates outstanding precision and speed in any application, while reducing operator fatigue
  • Simple valve mechanism with fewer moving parts, provides exceptional reliability and cost effectiveness to maintain
  • Overhead mounting prevents the handgun from being dropped, eliminating the number one cause of handgun repairs
  • Bench, floor or wall mounting options available
  • Complete workstation including, hot melt system, machine stand, tool balancer and boom can be provided
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications including; bedding, furniture assembly, foam packaging, product assembly, etc…
  • Offered in 120VAC service


  • Nozzles available in a wide range of custom and standard configurations to meet all hot melt pattern requirements