HA2 Series Extrusion Applicators

HA2 One Module Extrusion Applicator

One Module Extrusion Applicator

  • Compact heater bodies capable of holding 1 – 14 modules
  • Low profile applicators designed to fit in narrow spaces
  • Module spacing as close as 7/8” on center
  • In-Line filtration prevents nozzle plugging
  • Advanced technology and machining allows for exceptional cut-offs and eliminates tailing
  • Offered in 120VAC or 230VAC service
  • Custom designs available to fit your specific application needs


Nozzles available in a wide range of custom and standard configurations to meet all hot melt pattern requirements.

*Note: Other standard bar sizes not shown:  .775”, 1.775”, 2.750, 3.000”, 4.750”, 6.000” – Custom bars available consult factory