HA2 Series Spray Applicators

HA2 One Module Spray Applicator

One Module Spray Applicator

  • Economical wide-web solutions
  • Patented spray technology
  • Pattern widths up to 14” per module
  • Compact heater bodies capable of holding 1 – 14 modules
  • Integrated air heaters
  • In-line filtration prevents nozzle plugging
  • Compact heater bodies
  • Offered in 120VAC or 230VAC service
  • Custom designs available to fit your specific application needs

Due to advances in hot melt adhesive formulas, developments in hot melt machinery, increasing production demands, and growing environmental and employee health concerns; hot melt technology is being applied in many new areas. Sure Tack Systems HA2 Series Spray Applicators are providing increased production rates, adhesive glue savings and safer work environments.

Increase Production

HA2 Spray Applicators can be configured to meet individual application requirements. Our patented spray technology allows for larger adhesive spray patterns which means less equipment is needed to apply adhesive. Customers have found considerable production increases when switching from other types of adhesive applications to STS Spray technology.

Reduced Maintenance

STS knows that time is money and that businesses want to serve their clients as best they can. Our “Keep It Simple” design philosophy keeps costs low while insuring long term satisfaction and reliability. Our latest’s designs include easy access in-line filtration to provide a fast and easy method for cleaning and changing hot melt applicator filters. The removal of two screws allows for quick change module replacement to keep production up and maintenance time down.


The automatic spray applicators are also perfect for businesses that are planning for future growth. Our systems can easily be configured to allow for future automation or application points.

For a business with plans for growth and a dedication to quality, the automatic spray applicators from STS offer the perfect versatile solution. From filling small space needs, reduced over-spray and potential for growth, it would be hard to find an adhesive spray situation that couldn’t benefit from the expertise and dedication offered by STS.