The STS Hot Melt Glue System has been assisting companies in many diverse industries around the world for over thirty years, to help solve their increasing production demands and environmental concerns. Our innovative solutions have been proven to lower production costs while increasing both production output and quality. By turning to STS and hot melt adhesives, companies today are addressing growing environmental concerns without sacrificing their high product standards.

In today’s market, it pays to use every advantage available. Whether a company is in the business of building mattresses or modular homes, it’s not just important to use a quality adhesive, but to use one that is developed with environmental concerns in mind. Those adhesives not only offer a quality element to the craftsmanship, but a marketing edge that is viable in every industry.


With more people ordering items to be online rather than going to stores, the packaging industry is growing in leaps and bounds. There has never been a more crucial time for quality packaging whether the items ship to an individual, a large corporation or to stores for distribution, which is why STS offers equipment to meet the packaging needs that are specific for each client.


From hot melt adhesives for mattresses to the most elegant of couches, this type of assembly requires versatile equipment that’s easy to upkeep. As business grows in production quantities and varieties, being able to quickly and cost effectively convert from manual applications to automation is a need most business find themselves in, and is something STS can economically provide.


When it comes to the transportation industry every penny counts, businesses need adhesive equipment that can withstand rigorous use over time while requiring little maintenance. STS provides equipment that is simple to operate, easy to maintain and is exceptionally reliable.


Construction today involves fast paced assembly that doesn’t involve a lot of time for maintenance. STS holds a proven track record for meeting the needs of the construction industry over and over again.

Product Assembly

Companies can save a lot of money by utilizing hot melt adhesives in for product assembly. This method allows for more variety, quicker assembly/production time and more diversity. Using either manual or automatic adhesive applicators can be quick and efficient at the same time. That’s why more manufacturers are turning to STS to secure their products.