Hot Melt Supply Units

Hot Melt Supply Unit

STS Supply Units

The simplicity of design makes STS hot melt glue supply units the most serviceable in the industry.

  • Systems available for manual or automatic spray, slot coating, and extrusion applications
  • Melt Tanks offered in 12, 25, 37, 50, 100 and 200 lb. capacities
  • User-friendly intuitive design makes operation simple

Operator Panel

Hot Melt Glue Systems

Operator Panel

  • Easy to operate intuitive control panel
  • On/Off circuit breaker protection
  • Easily accessible motor fuse
  • One-touch standby with indication lights
  • Digital and analog temperature readings
  • Visible alarm for over-temperature protection


Safety First

When it comes to supply units for hot melt supply units for adhesive glue applications, the concern isn’t just for the effectiveness of the machine, but for safety as well. Businesses that use STS supply units have benefited from a variety of standard and upgraded options to their keep employees safe.

Reduced Loss

The lock-out features can save your business money by maintaining optimum operating temperatures and controlling adhesive flow rates. Quality of production can drop and adhesive consumption can needlessly increase due to operator adjustments to the system. Your maintenance supervisors can adjust the adhesive flow and temperature settings so that they meet your specifications. Then, they can use the lock-out feature to prevent operators from making adjustments to these settings.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The maintenance crew can use the self-diagnostic readout, and options like glue pressure gauges to monitor the glue system and see what kind of maintenance the hot melt supply units need. In fact, by paying attention over time, your maintenance crew will be able to predict when maintenance is needed before it becomes a problem. The better the preventative maintenance schedule, the fewer high-maintenance instances you will have which equals more up-time, greater production and less expensive overall maintenance costs. Whether you need a hot melt supply unit for extrusion, spray, or slot coating, look to STS to help you meet your needs while protecting the environment and your investment all at once.