Automatic Adhesive Applicators

Extrusion, Spray and Slot Coating Modules

HA2 Series Module

You can count on Sure Tack Systems to provide a range of superior automatic adhesive applicator systems that are engineered for extrusion spray and slot coat configurations. Other benefits include:

  • Readily exchangeable modular design, requires the removal of two bolts for easy replacement
  • Unique three-seal design for long seal life and high-performance
  • Modular Design allows for a multitude of configurations
  • Capable of 4200 Cycles per minute

Multi-Module Applications

We have compact heater bodies capable of holding 1-14 modules. Sample stock configurations include:

  • HA2 Six Module Extrusion Adhesive Applicator Modules at .875" On Center

    Six Module Extrusion Applicator

    One module for extrusion, spray, slot coating and bar extrusion applications

  • One module vertical feed for extrusion, spray, slot coating and bar extrusion
  • Two module with spacing at 2” on center for extrusion and bar applications
  • Four-module extrusion low profile 7/8” on center spacing
  • Five-module 2” and 3” on center spacing for wide web spray
  • One module slot coater configurations for glue patterns ranging from .625” to 1.250”
  • Three-module slot coater for patterns up to 4.000″, or 3 ea. 1.250″ independently programmable ribbon patterns
  • Twelve-module 1” on center spacing for extrusion applications

Additional spacing/configurations are available; just consult us for details. We can offer low profile adhesive applicators designed to fit in narrow spaces as well as module spacing as close as 7/8” on center. In-line filtration to prevent nozzle plugging. All adhesive applicators are offered in 120 or 230-volt service.

Spray Series Specifications

  • Patented spray technology
  • Pattern widths up to 14” per module
  • Integrated air heaters
  • Economical and easily customizable wide-web solutions

Slot Coating Series Specifications

HA2 Series Spray, Extrusion and Slot Coater Adhesive Applicators

One Module Adhesive Applicators

  • Slot coating configuration available in 1/8” to 12” widths
  • Coat weights range from 1 – 40 mils
  • Exceptional response speeds for high-speed intermittent slot coating
  • Segmented slot nozzles with independent porting for complex slot patterns
  • Advanced technology and machining allows for exceptional cut-offs
  • In-line filtration prevents nozzle plugging
  • Compact heater bodies
  • Offered in 120VAC or 230VAC service
  • Custom designs available to fit your specific adhesive applicator and application needs



Nozzles are available in a wide range of custom and standard configurations to meet all hot melt pattern requirements.