Wide web spray

An adhesive applicator that sprays the adhesive out over a wide area. It can be used with different volumes of glue but works very well with larger volumes. While it is not as precise as other application methods, wide web … Read the rest

Water-based adhesive

A glue made from water, polymers, and additives. Water-based adhesives come in the form of read-made solutions or powders to which water is added. Bonding of the substrates occurs as the water evaporates and the glue dries. Adding water can … Read the rest


A plastic polymer that becomes softer and moldable when heated. It then hardens and solidifies when it cools. Thermoplastics can undergo softening and hardening multiple times. Hot melt adhesive is an example of a thermoplastic; acrylics and nylon are two … Read the rest


The stickiness of the surface of the adhesive. It plays a role in how well the two substrates will bond when brought together.… Read the rest

Surface energy

A characteristic of the surfaces of both the adhesive and the substrate. It is an indication of how well one surface will attract another. Surface energies help to determine how well the adhesive will wet a substrate. An adhesive with … Read the rest

Supply unit

A storage tank for heating and holding hot melt adhesive before application to the substrate. Its digital controls regulate the output flow of the molten glue and the temperature to which it is heated. Supply units vary in the amount … Read the rest

Spray applicator

A machine that sprays hot melt adhesive through a nozzle and onto the substrate. It does not have the precision of extruders or slot coaters, but it does allow for spreading glue over a large area. Spray applicators may be … Read the rest

Slot coating applicator

A special kind of extrusion applicator, which pushes the hot melt adhesive through a die onto the substrate. The die allows for greater precision in applying a pre-metered amount of glue in a set pattern and according to a predetermined … Read the rest

Product assembly

A manufacturing process where individual parts are sequentially added together or to a larger section, creating a final product. Product assembly often uses an assembly line where the evolving product moves from start to finish while workers or machinery remain … Read the rest

Pot life stability

The ability of hot melt adhesive to retain its color, viscosity, and bond characteristics if kept in a molten state for an extended period. It is also called aging performance, heat stability, and thermal stability.… Read the rest