The Importance of Properly Supporting Your Hose

No matter what type of hose you are using, support is essential to the life and operation of the hose. One of the problems with a lack of support is the fact that you may not even realize the hose has an issue until untold damage has been done. If you are using any type of hose without support, it’s time to learn what can happen in the long run.


Hose Hanger

Hose Hanger

The Hose Gets Bent

Hoses are used because flexibility is necessary for a particular application. There is no way around it; eventually a hose is going to get bent. The problem is that you may bend it beyond the radius limits of the hose or you may bend it so frequently that repetition eventually causes failure. Hose supports can be used to hold the hose to the desired radius for perfect results with no breakage.


Friction Can Equal Destruction

If your hose doesn’t have proper support, every time the hose moves it is experiencing some sort of friction. In some cases this can be dangerous because, the outside scuff guard of the hose is slowly being worn away, which can cause internal heating and electrical components to become exposed to nearby operators. In other cases, it can cause the internal heating elements and wiring harness to break inside of the hose assembly. This type of damage can rarely be fixed; typically the hose will be beyond cost effect repair, and have to be replaced with a new one.


There are Safety Limits

Depending on the type of hose you use, OSHA has several regulations that may apply. Proper hose support is virtually guaranteed to be one of them. These regulations are based on potential hazards and hazard prevention, so it’s not just about being in compliance. It’s about creating a safe work environment while at the same time, extending the life of your hose.


If you want to extend the life of your hose and create a safe work environment at the same time, contact Sure Tack Systems to learn about your hose support options. Sure Tack Systems also offers a variety of hose options, so you might consider them for all your hose needs. Call 1-800-580-2803 to learn what your options are or use the Contact Us form on the website.