Know What Tools You Need for Your Assembly

Whether you are assembling beds and furniture or packaging cartons and crates, hot melt adhesives are increasingly important for product assembly because they are the safest, most productive and most cost effective technology you can use to get the job done. Determining what kind of hot melt system you are going to need and which specific tools will be a match for your assembly needs is a matter of knowing how you want your optimal assembly to function, Sure Tack Systems can help you design a custom system to precisely fit your needs.

Workstation: In Line or Automatic?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether you need an automatic or a manual system. Our automatic application bridge systems are designed for maximum productivity and can be adapted to suit a wide range of product assembly needs. They are best for medium to large operations where the cost investment of custom designing your system will easily be offset by the speed and efficiency that the automatic application offers

In-Line manual handgun systems on the other hand are perfect for small assembly operations that are manned. They allow for a single operator to quickly apply hot melt adhesive to products as they come down the assembly line and they can also be customized with different hoses and nozzles to meet your exact specifications.

Supply Units

Once you know what your hot melt delivery system will look like the next step is choosing the right supply unit. Our simply designed yet powerful supply units come with melt tanks that range in size from 12 pounds to 200 pounds. In order to choose the right size melt tank and options you must first calculate your estimated adhesive usage. This is extremely important as too large of a system will cause your hot melt adhesive to cook and degrade over time. Too small of a system will cause your operators to waste valuable time refilling the melt tank with adhesive. If you are going to be using an automatic bridge system then one of our 2300 supply units is probably going to be the best bet as they are larger and more powerful. For manual In-Line workstations, the 2400 series offers both the value and power your application needs.


Because the science of adhesion is the most accurate and effective when the application process is precise, we also offer a wide range of nozzles, hoses, pneumatics and other accessories to make your assembly system as tailored to your uses as possible. Items like foot pedals allow for maximum control during manual assembly while hose hangers allow you to get the angle just right on the hand held spray guns and provide support for automatic systems. To find out more about which tools you are going to need for your product assembly operation, call us today at (800) 580-2803 to speak to one of our hot melt technology experts.