How To Pick The Right Hot Melt Adhesives For Your Application

Hot melt adhesives have revolutionized the way a wide variety of products are assembled. Using solid glue sticks that are heating to a liquid state and then applied via a glue gun or automatic applicator, hot melt technology has made the assembly process faster and safer and has improved the quality of many products. Picking the right hot melt adhesives for you application can seem confusing as there are many different types on the market. But each is designed for a specific use and purpose, meaning all the choices really are there to help match you with the perfect adhesive for your needs.


Wood bonding hot melt adhesives

Those using hot melt technology to assemble wooden items like furniture are going to want to use a wood bonding hot melt adhesive. Wood bonding adhesives are also used in the construction industry when building both residential and commercial structures. There are an extremely wide number of different wood bonding hot melt adhesives on the market, each one designed for specific types of wood depending on how porous and soft they are and what the actual strength requirements of the bond will be.


Package sealing hot melt adhesives

In-line Packaging Application

In-line Packaging Application

From sealing cases and cartons to gluing envelopes en masse, hot melt adhesives are also used extensively in the packaging and converting industries. Many of these hot melt adhesives are wax based, as they often need to be applied in very thin amounts yet still produce maximum bonds and need to be water resistant. Determining which hot melt adhesives will work for you in the packaging industry once again rests upon you knowing exactly what it is that needs to be glued. The wide variety of different hot melt adhesives on the market are each designed to meet a specific bonding or sealing need precisely.


Hot melt adhesives for product assembly

Hot melt adhesives are increasingly becoming part of the assembly process for a very wide range of products. From shoes to carpets, automotive parts to fireworks, just about anything that can be mass assembled can be done more efficiently with the help of hot melt technology. The hot melt adhesive that is right to use for your product assembly needs will be matched to the specific materials that need to be bonded as well as the actual size and strength characteristics of the application and use.

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