What services does STS offer for product assembly?

Sure Track Systems offers a diverse array of hot melt adhesive systems that make product assembly more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly. Our systems are easy to operate, simple to maintain and are sturdy and reliable. Product assembly is an exceptionally large field that can include everything from shoes to firecrackers, area rugs to office partitions. STS designs unique systems with each individual application in mind, allowing for a custom hot melt adhesive application process that is precise yet easy to operate and cost friendly.


Automatic Bridge Systems

For large area product assembly applications like carpets and flooring, an automatic bridge system is often the fastest and most productive way to apply adhesives in a uniform manner. Consisting of one of our supply units and a custom configuration of our HA2 applicators that are set up for extrusion spray, our systems allow for coating wide surface areas with adhesive fairly rapidly. The modular design of these bridge systems allows for up to 14 applicators per manifold and we have designed custom engineered bridge systems that span up to 14 feet. These high performance modules are capable of 4200 cycle per minute, which allows for the high speed product assembly of a wide variety of different applications.


In-Line Systems for Manual Assembly

Product design for manual assembly is a process that has been under constant evolution in the search for more productive, safe and environmentally friendly systems. STS has designed a line of ergonomic handguns and custom nozzles that combine with our supply units to create in line work stations that offer maximum efficiency in product assembly. Perfect for a wide range of applications including furniture assembly and packaging, these in line systems are engineered for extrusion and spray applications. A huge selection of hoses in differing lengths, nozzle and handgun types and accessories like pedal controls and brackets allow you to customize the system that is ideal for your needs.


Support and Training

STS also offers technical support from service technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that help is always a phone call away. We also lab test adhesive and other products before system engineering to make sure that all specifications are correct before assembly. Finally, our facility is home to a training school that offers one-on-one training with the specific equipment that has been purchased.


Call us today at (800) 580-2803 to learn more about the services we offer for product assembly.