How Do Sure Tack Systems’ In-Line Handguns Differ From The Competition

Since hot melt glue handguns are used for a variety of industries and applications, choosing the right style for you is very important. Whether your business is assembling parts in a manufacturing process, affixing wires or parts in electronics, or even closing fiberboard boxes, you simply must have the right brand and model. This is where Sure Tack System comes in handy, with a number of In-Line Extrusion and spray models to choose from. Here’s what sets them apart from the competition.

In-Line Extrusion Handgun Differences:

For starters, these models all have durable adhesive hoses which help to reduce downtime and lower operating costs. Unlike many cheaply made handguns, these are designed to withstand demanding daily usage due to their design. The multi-layered construction also improves the level of heat efficiency and helps to keep your operators safe. The addition of a glue manifold pressure gauge to the system also helps to maintain consistent flow rates.

The design of your new In-Line Extrusion hot melt handgun also has a great deal to differentiate itself from the competition. This includes a compact and lightweight design that is also ergonomic, leading to much greater operator control and comfort. Plus, the overhead position of your handgun will lead to an incredible amount of precision, speed, and reduced operator fatigue. Most other extrusion handguns do not offer this level of comfort or precision.

In-Line Spray Hot Melt Handgun Differences:

In-Line Spray Handgun

In Line Spray Handgun

In addition to also being very ergonomically designed, these In-Line Spray hot melt handguns from Sure Tack Systems also feature a unique spray technology. In fact, this is so unique that its patented and found nowhere else. The pattern widths for this handgun can range from as small as 1/4th of an inch to 14 inches, for an outstanding range of design and applications.

These handguns are also much easier to maintain than the competition. There are fewer moving parts than traditional spray guns which makes them highly reliable and very cost effective. It will be on your shop or plant form, working, rather than having to constantly go out for service. The most common complaint from spray gun users is that the model is very easy to drop; you will find this problem to have been eliminated due to the overhead mounting feature. There are even a number of mounting options available onto a bench, floor, or wall.

Range Of Nozzles Offered:

Another great point of differentiation is the wide range of nozzles available. Almost every standard configuration may be accommodated in an effort to meet all hot melt pattern needs. This includes the small spray nozzle, air cap, broad tip extended, single orifice (regular or large), or a T-nozzle design.

Bottom Line:

In addition to all of these features and options, you will also find complete workstation designs; one of these will be right for your particular needs. They protect you and your employees and work to get the job done. It really doesn’t matter what the particular application may be, product assembly, packaging, bedding, furniture assembly, or anything else. Contact Sure Tack Systems today to find out how we can help.