4 Benefits of a Glue Pressure Gauge

Outfitting your facilities isn’t just about selecting the highest quality adhesive application equipment: accessories can make or break the efficiency of your setup. Here are 4 reasons you should consider a glue pressure gauge assembly as part of your next purchase:


Adhesive Pressure Gauge

Hot Melt Adhesive Pressure and Flow Monitoring

 Easy monitoring of current pressure

A quick glance at your glue pressure gauge, and your assembly line supervisors will have an extremely accurate reading of your flow rate. A pressure gauge makes it easy to identify when adjustments need to be made, and are crucial in ensuring that flow levels remain uniform across all items on the production line.

Fine-tuned adjustment of flow rate

Pressure gauges are critical for fine tuning adhesive flow in precise applications, where every gram of adhesive on the product matters. In these applications too little – or too much – adhesive can compromise the products integrity, potentially damaging your goods and/or undermining consumer faith.

Cost Savings

Using too much adhesive can lead to costly waste in adhesive consumption. Fortunately, adding a pressure gauge assists with making impressively accurate adjustments – whether major or hairline.

Identifying problems quickly and reliably

Having an accurate glue pressure reading is helpful in diagnosing maintenance issues due to normal wear-and-tear of the adhesive equipment. Maintenance workers can use historical pressure comparisons to pinpoint if there are changes indicating a potential problem within flow valve, motor, or pump. Early ware detection and preventative maintenance can save in costly repairs and down time.

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