What Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment is Needed for Transportation Assembly?

Hot melt adhesives are versatile, durable, and economical enough to be a perfect pick for many different sectors of automotive construction, but each part of the process will require a different setup of the manufacturer.

Take a look at some of the equipment commonly used in automotive assembly, broken down by module:

Supply Units

No matter what your setup, when working with hot melt adhesives, you’ll need supply units to hold and melt the adhesive. It is from these units that workable adhesive is fed into the dispensing applicator.

Our units feature melt tanks in a wide range of capacities, Teflon® coated tanks, over and low temperature protection with alarms, self-diagnostic digital readouts, and the flexibility to be configured for everything from simple one-hose setups to more extensive configurations – to name just a few of the features that set them above the competition.

Spray Applicators

Adhesives may be finely sprayed onto the target surface with the use of precision nozzles. Just a few of the components commonly bonded using spray adhesives include:

Upholstery – Spray adhesives provide great flexibility and coverage at seams, such as the numerous ones found in seats and other furniture. They will hold strong against repeated stress on the joints and effectively keep moisture out.

Carpeting – These adhesives are also ideal for coating large surfaces evenly and thoroughly, making them a great pick for carpeting in automobiles (as well as building interiors).

Insulation – Much like carpeting, insulation requires extensive, thin layers of adhesive to form a proper seal.

Extrusion Applicators

Spraying isn’t the only form of application available to melt adhesives. Extrusion nozzles can form delicate, solid lines with incredible precision and bonding strength on the target surface of your choice. Like spray applicators, these are available as automatic, fixed pieces or as manual hose-mounted hand-held devices.

Extrusion applicators are vital for a number of tasks, including:

Filter assemblyAir and oil filters are just some of the intricate components requiring precision placement of adhesives.

Decorative trimDoor lining, instrument panels, and steering columns (among other aspects) are all important for establishing visual appeal within the vehicle’s interior.

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