Why is it Important to Have a Flow Adjustment Lockout for your Hot Melt System?

If you’ve been researching adhesive application systems, you’ve probably come across the term “flow adjustment lockout”, but perhaps you’re unsure what it refers to.

Take a minute to learn about these lockout mechanisms, and their role in application systems – after all, if you’ve been tasked with the responsibility of outfitting your production facility with new equipment, it’s crucial that you can make informed and economical decisions.

Flow Valve Adjustment Lockout

Flow Valve Adjustment Lockout

What is Flow Adjustment Lockout?

Industrial equipment designed to apply hot melt adhesives will often feature a mechanism to adjust the flow rate of the adhesive. Ability to lock out the rate of dispensing can restricted a subset of individuals, keeping control of the flow rate in the hands of supervisors or other designated staff members.

What are the Benefits?

  • Reducing Costs

Having equipment with flow adjustment lockout capabilities prevents operators from adjusting flow levels without supervision – which could result in excessive, wasteful use of adhesives or could, inversely, compromise product integrity. Rather, leave the responsibility of setting desired rates to your assembly floor maintenance supervisors. Put simply, locking down rates of adhesive flow to the minimum effective level keeps costs low and profitability high.

  • Preventative Maintenance

Running an adhesive system at the wrong flow rate for the adhesive formula being used can lead to undo ware and tare on the system. Locking out the flow/pressure rate of the adhesive system helps ensure a longer life for the adhesive pump and motor.

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