Benefits of a Foot Pedal Application Control Option

Foot pedal control option can be added to an automatic adhesive applicator utilizing either spray or extrusion. The hot melt glue application is triggered whenever the operator uses the foot pedal control.  Utilization of the foot pedal operation has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Easy to use
  • Reducing operator fatigue
  • Maximizing efficiency and speed
  • Keeps the operators’ hands free
Foot Pedal Control Package

Foot Pedal

A real life example of a company using the foot pedal control option is the Redwing Shoe Company, manufacturer of boots hunting and industry. The foot pedal allows workstation operators to keep their hands free, enabling them to maneuver the product more easily when bonding the sole of the shoe to the shoe base. This has a clear advantage over using a hand triggered applicator to apply the adhesive, which leaves only one hand free.

Shoe assembly is not the only industry which can benefit from a foot pedal assembly, others include:

  • CD/DVD manufacturing
  • Cell phone manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Product assembly

These days, whether your company is in the business of making automobiles, furniture or other products, it’s not only important to use top quality adhesive, but also to have an application system that is efficient, cost effective and easy for your operators to use. That’s why considering a foot pedal control option is important, because you care about optimizing production and the quality of your products.

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