How Spray Adhesives Benefit Furniture Assembly

The furniture manufacturing process requires accurate application of high-quality adhesives. To do this properly and maintain the quality and reputation for which you’ve worked so hard, investing in the proper equipment is key.

See why so many manufacturers prefer hot melt spray adhesives for furniture production:


Hot melt spray adhesives are versatile enough to enact powerful bonds across a wide range of materials including foam, fabric, wood, metal, and fiberglass (as well as material pairings, like foam-to-fabric), and flexible enough to allow stress and motion in the joints they form. Advances in adhesive formulas has allowed for new innovations in the furniture industry.


With both new adhesive formulas and equipment innovations, manufacturers are able to produce greater quantities of goods and handle larger products like mattresses. Sure Tack Systems is a leader in the furniture assembly market due to its patented spray application design, their ability to produce adhesive pattern widths ranging from just fractions of an inch to well over a foot, makes their systems more cost effective to implement and maintain.


Even manual spray applicators pack the precision needed to apply small amounts of adhesive to small target areas. Drawers, end tables, chair backs, and more – even the most delicate items and components with intricate designs can be assembled with spray adhesives.


Water based adhesives long favored as an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based adhesives for the the furniture industry has faced many disadvantages when compared to hot melt adhesives. Due to their nature up to 50% of the adhesive can be lost due to evaporation during the application point, since hot melts are a solid their is no such loss. Also, being based of water, many furniture manufactures have complained of mold and rust in their finished products, something which does not occur with hot melt formulas.

Sure Tack Systems is an industry leader in spray adhesive equipment. Let’s discuss a solution for your assembly needs.