Hot Melt Adhesives and the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is one of the largest – if not the largest – consumers of hot melt adhesives in the world. These versatile and flexible bonding agents are used in everything from envelope and box construction to plastic carton sealing, thanks in no small part to their economic cost and incredible strength.

Ever wonder what makes melt adhesives such a great fit for packaging purposes? We’ve assembled a rundown of some of the top benefits below:

Why use hot melt adhesives in packaging?

In-Line Packaging Application

In-Line Application

Hot melt adhesives enjoy a number of advantages over the competition. They’re highly water-resistant, whereas traditional water-based adhesives will readily degrade in the presence of moisture (a not-uncommon, if undesired, encounter during the shipping and transit process). Their bonding time is extremely fast, which increase the line speed for package applications. They can adhere to nearly any material, including tricky substrates like foam, fabric, and plastic. And whether you opt for a manual or automatic extrusion system, application is a very simple and straightforward process – made better by the very low cost of adhesive materials and the impressive speed of assembly.

But hot melt adhesives aren’t just an economical material in and of themselves: they’re associated with plenty of value-added benefits. The small quantities of adhesive required for bonding means that you’ll rarely have to resupply – and that means that assembly line downtime is kept to a minimum. Sturdy, resilient glue means less waste from failed and ruined packaging on the assembly floor, as well as fewer returns due to transit- or display-related damages to product packaging. And with quality adhesive application equipment, you can count on precision dispensing with little waste and no visible bonds.


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