Maintenance Tips for Hot Melt Systems

Hot melt adhesives are the perfect choice for all sorts of manufacturing processes, from box and carton sealing, to bookbinding, to furniture assembly, and beyond. But just like in any other mechanical system, melt application equipment is susceptible to a number of potential issues, especially if not treated properly.

That’s why we have put together a quick rundown of easy tips to keep your adhesive system running strong and clean. A bit of prevention goes a long way towards alleviating production delays and giving you peace of mind. So without further ado, let’s jump in:

Clean your equipment oftenCleaning materials

In even a small-scale operation, large quantities of adhesive material pass through your applicators every day. There will inevitably be bits of residue left behind, to say nothing of the dirt and other debris that can potentially make their way into a nozzle or hose. These contaminants can char within the equipment, compromise bond integrity by interfering with adhesive flow, or even block the needle valve and cause adhesive drip.

Equipment exteriors should be easily reachable, and cleaned on a daily basis. Periodically, you’ll also want to flush the manifold filter and system with either melt adhesives or a specialized cleaning fluid.

Double-check temperatures regularly

Excessive heat at any stage in the application process (whether in the reservoir, hose, or nozzle) can lead to charring of adhesives, while temperatures that are too low can cause stringing. Either event means impaired product quality, and possible downtime in the assembly process. And while you’ll want to be on the lookout for evidence in the form of burnt residue or stringy formations on the nozzle, it’s best to take preventative measures.

In addition to checking the temperature readout, inspect the gauge itself with some regularity. Faulty readings can snowball rapidly, causing quite a few issues if not caught quickly.

Don’t forget the connections!

The electrical connections for industrial-strength melt equipment should be inspected frequently for kinks, wear, and damage. Compromised cables pose a serious safety risk, and must be replaced immediately if found. Hose fittings, fastenings, and other connectors should also be inspected for tightness and adjusted as necessary.

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