Machines for Bonding Non-Woven Fabrics

Whatever type of glue you are using, if you are not applying it with adequate equipment, you won’t be benefiting from its full potential. Added to this is the fact that you may also be wasting time and money. Your choice of adhesive and the type of machine you use will depend on the type of manufacturing industry you are in.

Non-woven Medical fabricsFabrics

Non-woven fabrics are a type of textile material that are constructed form long fibers bonded together. They are commonly used in the manufacture of hygiene products, such as making diapers, incontinence pads, feminine hygiene products, and also surgical and medical item manufacturing. Each of these products use hot melt adhesives in the manufacturing process. The type of machine used bond these types of fabrics are spiral spray or melt-blown..

Application of Adhesive

In laminating these types of fabrics a wide bridge system with spray applicators is used over the fabric line. These systems are engineered to apply extremely light and uniform coat weights.

Use of Hot Melt Systems in Non-Woven Fabric

This type of machine has a number of uses in the manufacture of non-woven products including:

  • Feminine hygiene products – applying perfume, sealing poly pouches, adding wings to sanitary napkins, constructing top and back sheets.
  • Diaper and incontinence manufacture – side sealing, pad integrity, elastic waist attachment, leg elastics, adding attachments, sealing.
  • Surgical and medical product manufacturing – release paper manufacture: construction of top and bottom tissue, back sheet construction.

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