Top High Temperature Adhesive Applicators

There are a number of different types of hot melt adhesive applicators. The machine you use will depend on the nature of your industry and the size of the products you are manufacturing. Top high temperature adhesive applicators include:

Adhesive Extruders

There is a variety of extrusion applicators designed for providing a consistent melting of a range of adhesives and other materials including thermoplastics. The heating process is graduated to preserve the glue’s integrity. The closed extrusion system prevents the adhesive from becoming contaminated by debris.

Adhesive Melters

These adhesive dispensers are capable of running one or a number of hoses to the application system. They have efficient and reliable temperature controllers, different size tanks to suit your needs, precision gear pumps to with a wide range of motor options to allow a selection of pump rates, and low temperature pump lockout to prevent premature system start-up.

Adhesive Coaters

Slot die coating machines deliver an even and continuous layer of hot melt adhesive. This type of coating is commonly used in the manufacture of non-woven fabrics, labels and adhesive tapes as well as in other industries that use pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs).  A PSA hot melt is one that usually comprised of acrylate or rubber polymers and is tacky at room temperature.

Bulk Delivering Systems

This type of applicator has the ability to deliver a variety of adhesives using one system. They can dispense single or multi-component glues and sealants from tanks or drums to increase efficiency and reliability.

Hand Gun Applicators

Tool Balancer & Boom

Tool Balancer & Boom

Designed ergonomically to minimize operator fatigue, these applicators are available with configurations for horizontal or vertical applications. A wide range of nozzles are available to suit your needs.

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