What Is a Hot Melt Glue System?

The category of hot melt glues includes polymers such as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), polyurethanes and polyamides. The glue is applied to material substrates while it is at a high temperature. It bonds the materials together as the adhesive cools. They are used in a wide range of industries including:

  • mattress manufacture
  • carpeting
  • automotive industry
  • packaging
  • textiles
  • furniture manufacture
  • construction

The Hot Melt Process

STS Melt Tanks with Example Applicator Options

Melt Tanks and HA2 Applicators

Hot melt adhesives come in many formulas, choosing the best formula for you will be dependent on your particular application. Once you have selected your adhesive you will need to chose how to dispense it. Typically solid adhesive is added to a melt tank where it is changed over to liquid form. It then travels down a heated hose to an applicator. The type of applicator you use depends on your production requirements. There are either automatic or manually triggered hot melt applicators, the patterns used to apply the glue vary from bead extrusion, swirl spray to slot or ribbon coating.

Why is a Hot Melt Glue System Better?

There are a number of reasons why a hot melt glue system is better than using solvent-based adhesives, these include:

  • the process is less expensive
  • greater efficiency
  • resistance to water and moisture
  • greater versatility
  • strong enough to handle rough handling
  • speedier bonding
  • greater strength
  • no need for handling solvent emissions
  • elimination of EPA and health issues
  • no need for drying units

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