5 Tips To Understanding Hot Melt Systems

Hot melt machines come in a wide variety of models which run a wide range of applicators including hand-held hot glue guns, industrial extruders, slot coating machines, in-line spray applicators, and in-line extrusion handguns to name a few. If you really want to get the most from your hot melt machine, here are five tips to help.

1. Think About Temperature

High temperature hot melt adhesives are suitable for materials that require very strong bonds. Low temperature hot melt adhesives lend themselves to bonding materials that are heat sensitive and prone to melt or become distorted if they are exposed to too much heat, such as Styrofoam, ribbon and thin foil. The higher the required application temperature for the adhesive you are running, the more ware and tare to your hot melt glue equipment. Your always want to choose the best adhesive for your application that runs at the lowest temperature possible.

2. Choose The Right Glue For Your Project

When choosing a hot melt adhesive, there are certain factor that you should keep in mind, these include:

  • Viscosity
  • Application Temperature
  • Substrates or Products You Are Applying the Hot Melt Adhesive to
  • Open Time Required
  • Over All Bonding or Curing Time
  • Color
  • Sensitivity to Temperature Once Finished Product is Being Shipped

The type of hot melt adhesive you choose will directly affect ware and required maintenance on your hot melt glue system

3. Practice Preventative Maintenance

Hot melt adhesive dispensers need regular preventative maintenance if you want to keep them running longer and more cost effectively. Little things like changing the seals and filters on a regular basis is important to ensure that the equipment in operating at optimum capacity. Cleaning nozzles and inspecting all components can prevent costly repairs or replacements. Little problems that can be fixed easily can turn into big and costly repairs if ignored.

4. Keep Your Substrates Clean

Always make sure surfaces are dust free otherwise the hot melt will not bond properly. If you are bonding metal, make sure the surface is not greasy. If it is, wipe it down with a solvent before applying the adhesive.

5. End of the Day Clean-up.

TimeMost adhesives require lengthy clean-up procedures at the end of the or the application equipment can be permanently damaged or destroyed. One great advantage of hot melt adhesives is no complicated and timely clean-up is required. At the end of the day you can simply turn off the system and leave for the day. This advantage leaves more time during the day to run production which increases profits.

Whatever type of hot melt extrusion system you are looking for, Sure Tack Systems has just the one to suit your unique needs. We have been providing hot melt adhesive equipment since 1980 and our extensive product line is second to none. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your hot melt adhesive needs, we will be happy to answer all your questions.