4 Products Manufactured with Hot Melt Adhesives

Where there are hot melt adhesives, a hot melt machine is not far away.

Sometimes we forget the nuts, bolts and screws that help keep our lives running seamlessly. HMA’s (hot melt adhesives) are used in a myriad of industries and Sure Tack Systems has a machine and application method for each of them. Packaging, furniture, transportation, and construction are just a few of the sectors that STS specializes in. All of these industries provide you with products that you may see or use on a daily basis. Thus, here are a few products that you may have not known could be manufactured with a Sure Tack System.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Tipping ApplicationReceiving credit cards in the mail is more annoying than it is tempting. Nevertheless, did you know that credit cards are applied to letters with hot melt glue? The type of glue that is typically used is called fugitive glue. Fugitive glue is frequently used to package marketing material because it leaves little to no residue on the surface and is easily removable. Fugitives often come in a low-tack formula, but most adhesive companies also offer them in medium to high tack as well. Repositionable pressure sensitive adhesives are also very favorable. In the credit card affixing industry Sure Tack Systems highly recommends using an STS HA2 Extrusion Module Applicator. Precisely delivering a solid line of adhesive with the customers’ desired width and length is what the Sure Tack Systems HA2 Extrusion Applicator is best at!


Hot Melt is a vital component in the construction of disposable diapers. HMA is primarily used on the pad and the elastics. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are a great solution for this market because they are known for their flexibility. Diaper manufacturers also have to use a special adhesive when it comes to the absorbent core. The specialty glue is essential because it has to withstand a wet pad. Adhesive has become even more integral in the manufacturing process with the advancement of thinner diapers. Now, in order to create a stronger foundation, adhesive is used to penetrate the pad and preserve the fibers. Because hot melt is so crucial to the creation of diaper products it’s important that the most efficient and cost-effective equipment is on-hand. Many STS customers in the non-woven industry operate with the HA2 Spray Applicator. Its patented spray technology provides increased production rates, glue savings, and many more benefits! In the diaper industry Sure Tack customers are using multi-module applicator bridge systems that span up 9 feet in width. Custom designs are always available to fit your specific application needs.


HA2 One Module Slot Coater with 3 Slot Die Sizes for .625", 1.000" and 1.250" Patterns

One Module Slot Coater Applicator

How envelope’s require hot melt glue may be obvious, but glue is used in more than just one way in this inconspicuously complex folded paper. Envelope production requires glue in at least three places, on the two side flaps and on the seal flap. For the front seal flap, the top selection is remoistenable hot melt. Remoistenable glue is a great choice because it reactivates with moisture and is most suitable for automatic inserting machines. However, remoistenables can have issues with losing bond under prolonged heat conditions. The manufacturer must make sure to utilize an adhesive that can tolerate high temperatures. Storage conditions, substrate adhered to, color, and end usage are all factors that the producer will need to keep in mind. Sure Tack Systems is experienced in this sector of packaging and converting and recommends the HA2 Series Slot Coating Applicators. Envelope manufacturers must meet high demands for minimal cost. The STS exclusive slot coater gets the job done with ease.


100% of paperback books are bound using hot glue. That’s a huge market! Paperbacks have usurped the hardback market and they love HMA’s. EVA glues are frequently used in the spine gluing process. EVA’s are very diverse and come in boundless formulations. Any glue that you may choose for a bookbinding application must provide little to no wrinkling in the backbone and a first-rate lie-flat quality. Contact your adhesive provider for assistance. Whichever you choose Sure Tack suggests their HA2 Series Extrusion Applicator. Its advanced technology and machining allows for exceptional cut-offs and eliminates tailing. Low profile applicators designed to fit in narrow spaces can be easily integrated to any existing set-up. And as always, Sure Tack Systems will work with the customer to ensure all customization needs are met.

Sure Tack Systems continues to provide top-tier hot melt adhesive equipment. We are proud to be an industry leader in hot melt manufacturing solutions. Contact us to learn more about our extensive line of equipment or learn about a customized system that fits your unique needs.