3 Popular Hot Melt Adhesive Systems

The best three automatic supply systems on the market are the HA2 Series Extrusion Applicators, the HA2 Series Spray Applicators and the HA2 Series Slot Coating Applicators.

HA2 Series Extrusion Applicators

The applicator comes in a series of models with 1, 2 3, 4, 6, 12, and 14 modules. It has a compact heater body with low profile applicators, which are convenient for fitting in narrow spaces. Module spacing can be set as close as 7/8” on center. You don’t have to worry about nozzles plugging because this applicator has an in-line filtration system. The superior technology of this system permits exceptional cut-offs and eliminates tailing. The HA2 Extrusion Applicator is available in 120VAC or 230VAC service and can be custom designed to fit your specific application needs.

HA2 Series Spray Applicators

HA2 One Module Spray Application

Over the past few years, we have seen many advances in hot melt adhesive systems, driven to match increasing production demands and growing concerns about the environment and employee health. Many operations have shifted to the HA2 Series Spray Applicators in order to address these concerns. With its patented spray technology, this system has pattern widths of up to 14” per module and can hold up to 14 modules. It has integrated air heaters and in-line filtration to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

HA2 Series Slot Coating Applicators

Slot Coating Applicators are used for applying continuous hot melt adhesive, often used in the manufacture of labels and adhesive tapes. The H2A Series has slot coating configurations available in 1/8” to 12” widths, with coat weights ranging from 1 – 40 mils. The segmented slot nozzles with independent porting allow for complex slot patterns. In-line filtration prevents nozzle plugging. This model is offered in 120VAC or 230VAC service.

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