How Hot Melt Adhesive is Used in the Auto Industry

Hot melt adhesive is a critical component of the auto manufacturing industry. It is used in auto assembly because it is ideal for bonds that need flexibility for movements such as contraction and expansion. They are also suitable for adhering different materials that may have differing thermal expansion properties. This form of adhesive creates tough, impact-resistant bonds that are chemical and weather resistant and have a high abrasion resistance and high shear strength. These qualities make them perfect for use in the auto manufacturing industry for:

  • car assemblyExterior trim bonding
  • Package tray attachment
  • Seating
  • Truck liner bonding
  • Instrument panels and controls
  • Headliner attachment
  • Door sealant
  • Attaching weather striping
  • Water shields
  • Auto seat upholstery

The particular advantages of hot melt adhesive in this industry are numerous:

  • Superior strength
  • Quick tack
  • Quick assembly processing
  • Bonds with a broad range of materials
  • Facilitates handling and repositioning
  • Has an excellent shelf life

Types of Hot Melt Used in Auto Manufacturing

APAO: (amorphous- poly-alpha-olefin) used mainly for bonding low-tension plastic, such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

PSA: (pressure sensitive adhesive) used mainly for bonding higher surface tension plastics.

Polyamide: used in high-temperature applications with load bearing requirements.

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