3 Ways Hot Melt Glue Systems are Changing the Automotive Industry

Hot melt adhesives have many applications in the automotive industry, in fact, they are helping to change the way that cars are being designed and built.

  1. Hot Melt Glue For Car InteriorsHot melt glues are used to assemble automobile part made of many different materials including rubber, plastics, glass, and metal. This reduces steps in the manufacturing process, which also reduces cost.
  1. Adhesive coating helps to prevent the ingress of dirt, water, and salt in the car body shell. The car’s steel shell layers are coated with oils and adhesives for protection before being cut and stamped into shape. As well as fastening the layers into place, they have the additional features of dampening vibration, electrically conducting or insulating, and providing corrosion resistance.
  1. The use of hot melt adhesives in the manufacturing process between shell layers, instead of metal fasteners also means that the car is lighter. This improves fuel efficiency as well as reducing the likelihood of corrosion. The use of glues rather than mechanical fasteners also makes the car look more aesthetic.

Hot melt adhesives continue to be used more and more in the automotive industry because they prevent emission problems with the elimination of volatile organic compounds.

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