Why Should I Use An In-Line Spray Handgun For Hot Melt Adhesives?

Hot melt adhesives are industrial strength glues that are melted thermally as they are applied, and achieve their adhesive properties as they cool. They are generally made from one or more polymers and a combination of pigments and other additives. There use becoming more and more popular in industrial applications worldwide.

An in-line spray handgun for hot melt adhesive is connected to an overhead mount, which prevents it from being dropped. Mounting options can be adjusted to suit your requirements. This type of hot melt handgun has many advantages:

  • In-Line Series Manual Applicator SystemErgonomics: Its compact design makes it easy for operators to use.
  • Accuracy: Sure Tack patented spray technology allows you to spray from 1/4 inch to 16-inch widths.
  • Reliability: In-line spray handguns are designed with a simple valve technology with few moving parts, which makes them reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Durability: The overhead mounting eliminates the number one cause of handgun repairs.
  • Adaptability: You can choose from a range of hose lengths in 8, 12, and 16 feet. There is also a variety of nozzle types.

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