Common Adhesive Problems you Should be Aware Of

Adhesive problems that arise on the packaging line lead to delays or stoppages in production, potential product loss or damage and ultimately higher expenses and profit loss. Here is a rundown on the most common adhesive problems affecting manufacturing industries today.

Adhesive Problems To Look Out For


Excessive Adhesive

When it comes to hot melt adhesives, more is not better. Using too much adhesive is wasteful and can lead to a long set time, stringing glue and defacing of packaging. If you find yourself using too much adhesive consult your supplier, who will tell you exactly how much you need for your specific application.

Insufficient Adhesive

If you find that your packages are popping open while they’re still on the assembly line, or during the distribution or storage processes, it’s probably because you are not using enough adhesive. Although you may think this will save you money, in the long run, the cost of having to go back and reapply adhesive and the cost of lost or damaged products will significantly outweigh potential savings. Always make sure you are using enough hot melt to form a secure bond.

Not Factoring Temperature Extremes

Don’t forget to factor in temperature and humidity/moisture levels when you’re choosing adhesives for your packaging needs. As well as the temperature of your product when it is packaged, consider the temperatures it will be exposed to during storage and distribution.

Incorrect Glue Pattern

The glue pattern you select can make a big difference to the amount of glue you use. You must consider the pattern’s width, length, and compression requirements as well as the type of glue you are using and the age and ability of your equipment. If you use the wrong glue pattern, you could end up creating inadequate packaging and wasting money.

We understand that your hot melt adhesive system is an important part of your manufacturing process. That’s why we are committed to providing the best hot melt solutions. Contact us at Sure Tack Systems today to find out more about hot melt adhesives.