5 Benefits of Using Hot Melt Adhesives for Gluing Non-Woven Materials

Hot melt adhesives are comprised of thermoplastic resins. Using heat and pressure, these can be softened, reshaped and easily dispensed. They cool very quickly once they have been dispensed and as they cool they achieve full strength. This allows for fast assembly cycles. Hot melt adhesive has many applications in the manufacture of non-woven products including:

  • Non-Woven MaterialsFeminine hygiene products – applying perfume, sealing poly pouches, adding wings to sanitary napkins, constructing top and back sheets.
  • Diaper and incontinence manufacture – side sealing, adding perfumes and lotions, pad integrity, elastic waist attachment, leg elastics, adding attachments, sealing.
  • Surgical and medical product manufacturing – release paper manufacture: construction of top and bottom tissue, back sheet construction.

The benefits of using hot melt adhesive in the manufacture of these products include:

  • The adhesive does not impair the quality of the product; it remains soft and textile-like.
  • It is a more economical process than other methods of bonding.
  • Because there is no drying or curing stage, the efficiency is greats, the cost I slower and the process is more environmentally friendly than other bonding processes.
  • Hot melt adhesives have a long shelf life.
  • Because hot melt adhesives do not contain volatile organic compounds, they can be disposed of without special precautions.

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