3 Reasons Hot Melt Adhesives Are Better Than Solvent Based Adhesives

Hot Melt Adhesives are substances that are applied to the surface of materials to bind them together. There are a number of different types of adhesive, which one you choose will depend on the particular application.

What are Hot Melt Adhesives?

Hot melt adhesives are solvent-free glues made from thermoplastics. They are mixed and applied when molten. They are melted at temperatures between 120° and 180°C. This type of adhesive is superior to water-based adhesives because they provide a better hold and they also have a superior manufacturing flexibility. Hot melt glues can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Solvent Based AdhesiveWhat are Solvent-Based Adhesives?

Solvent based adhesives are a mixture of polymers dissolved in a solvent. Examples are contact adhesive, white glue and rubber cement. When the glue is applied the solvent gradually evaporates and the adhesive hardens. Depending on the polymer blend, solvent based adhesives with glue different materials to varying degrees.

Why Hot Melt Adhesives Are Better Than Solvent Based Adhesives

  1. Easy Distribution: Hot melt adhesives are applied using a manual or automated hot melt dispensing system. They are clean and easy to operate.
  1. Versatile Application: Hot melt has the ability to bond a wide variety of porous and non-porous materials.
  1. Solvent Free: Because hot melt adhesives are solvent-free, they are less hazardous, nor special ventilation systems are needed and they are better for the environment.

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