5 Reasons you Need to Have a Glue Pressure Gauge

Glue Pressure GaugeA glue pressure gauge is an important accessory for your hot melt adhesive dispenser. It will help your system run optimally because it allows fine tuning of your adhesive flow, so you can accurately control hot melt output. Her are five reasons why you need one.

  1. Cost Effectiveness: If you’re using more hot melt than you really need, you’re wasting money. A glue pressure gauge can prevent costly waste because it allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments to the glue flow.
  1. Precise Flow: Every gram of adhesive on each product counts. So when you can adjust your flow of hot melt with precision you can be sure that you are using exactly the right amount and not compromising the integrity of your goods.
  1. Quality Assurance: Because a glue pressure gauge allows you more accurate control of adhesive output yields, you will have a higher standard for quality assurance.
  1. Easy Monitoring: All it takes to make sure that your adhesive is flowing smoothly is a quick look at the glue pressure gauge. Your assembly line supervisors will be able to easily see when adjustments need to be made.
  1. Easy Maintenance: Maintenance is important for preventing shut down of the assembly line, which costs time and money. A glue pressure gauge enables you to identify problems quickly and reliably. Maintenance workers will be able to use historical records to assess potential flow problems.

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