5 Industries You Didn’t Realize Use Hot Melt Adhesives

These days, hot melt adhesives are used across a wide range of applications, and some of them may surprise you.

Beverage Packaging

These days, many beer and wine manufacturers handle their own packaging Hot melt adhesives are perfect for fixing labels to beer and wine bottles. Because hot melt has excellent resistance to cold temperatures and expansion capabilities, it can be used for bonding labels to bottles that need to be refrigerated.Glass bottles for beer


Hot melt adhesives have quite a long history in the packaging industry. It began in the 1960s. Advancement came during the 1980s, when polyurethane (PUR) hot melts were first developed. These have the added benefit of adhering better and aging better than the traditional hot melt adhesives. Hot melt is currently the most common method of sealing and pallet stabilization used in the packaging industry.

Mattresses Manufacturing

A good mattress is essential for a restful night’s sleep, so if you’re in the mattress manufacturing industry, you understand how important it is to use quality materials to get the best results. Hot melt adhesives are involved in most parts of the mattress manufacturing industry. Hot melt adhesives are used for cushioning foam, joining blocks and slabs of foam around springs, securing pillow tops, and adhering fibers and fabrics to foam.

Automotive Manufacturing

Hot melts are a crucial component of the vehicle manufacturing process. They are perfect for bonding materials that are required to be flexible. Hot melt adhesives are also good for bonding different substances that may have differing thermal expansion properties.


Hot melt adhesives are used in many aspects of the construction industry. For example. hot melt adhesives are used to make exterior and interior doors, window frames, insulation, roofing tiles and garage doors.

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