What is a Slot Coating Applicator and How Does It Work?

For most people, the topic of hot melt adhesives only brings to mind handheld hot glue guns used to repair broken lamps and pottery inside one’s home. But to the surprise of some, hot melt adhesives have a huge role in the manufacturing world. The technological advances in the application of adhesives have become an invaluable part of manufacturing. One of the most notable tools used with hot melt adhesives is the slot coating applicator, an instrument most  people have never heard of. So what is a slot coating applicator and what does it do?

To keep things simple, a slot coating applicator works to deposit adhesives during the manufacturing process. Essentially, they are part of the assembly line and are easily configured to apply however much adhesive is required in whatever pattern is necessary. Slot coating applicators are generally fast and efficient in applying adhesives to anything from furniture to packaging to automobiles.

Customizable Slot Coaters

Depending on the need of a specific project, slot coating applicators can cover any amount of space between 1/8 of an inch and a foot. The number of modules utilized during the coating process can also vary to fit the needs of the project. Each module is capable of acting independently of one another, allowing for complex patterns to be created when necessary. The machine will be programmed ahead of time dictating the pattern of the application, the amount of adhesive that is applied, and which of the slots should be active at specific moments. It sounds more complicated that it actually is, but once the slot applicator is programmed properly, it works like a charm.

Slot Coaters With Speed

Perhaps most impressive about slot coating applicators is the speed at which they can operate. The remarkable response speed of the modules makes the slot coating applicator perfect for the assembly line. Even while functioning at such high speeds, the slot coating applicator has great control over the amount of hot melt adhesive it dispenses at one time. This ensures that the precise amount of adhesive that’s needed is utilized, meaning adhesives are used as efficiently as possible, which saves money.

With all the features and versatility they offer, slot coating applicators can be an invaluable part of the assembly line for any product that requires hot melt adhesive. They are fast, efficient, and useful in completing a variety of tasks, making them a perfect representation of how far technology and innovation have come in the hot melt adhesive industry.

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