How Does a 90-degree Mattress Machine Work?

How Does a 90-degree Mattress Machine Work?

The 90-degree mattress machine was only designed a few years ago, but it’s quickly becoming a necessity on the assembly line for mattress production. It takes away the need for adhesives to be manually applied to mattresses during the production process.

This ensures that the proper amount of adhesive is used on every single mattress. Not only does this give every mattress on the assembly line the same strong bond, but it also prevents adhesive from being wasted.

When in action, the machine is far more simple than it may appear. First, mattress foam layers move along a conveyor belt, passing underneath the first gantry. It is here that the foam is sprayed with a hot melt adhesive.

From there, the mattress foam continues moving onto rollers that pivot it 90 degrees onto a second conveyor belt. Hence the name, 90-degree mattress machine. On the second conveyor belt, the mattress foam passes under a second gantry that sprays hot melt adhesive across the foam. This allows another layer of foam to be placed on top of the existing mattress foam.

It may sound a little complicated, but it all happens in a matter of seconds. This process allows several layers of foam to be quickly assembled. This makes the mattress assembly line more efficient without the need for manual labor.

Perhaps its most impressive feature is the fact that the 90-degree mattress machine doesn’t require a programmable logic controller, or PLC. This means that the person running the machine doesn’t need a lot of specialized training to set the machine up. As a result, the machine is easy to integrate into any mattress assembly line, and almost instantaneously improves production.

The 90-degree mattress machine has been a game changer when it comes to the mass production of mattresses. It has helped to increase the quality and consistency of each mattress, while also limiting the amount of manual labor needed to create each one. It’s one of the best and most recent examples of how hot melt adhesive technology can change an industry for the better.

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