How Workstations Make Hot Melt Adhesive Application Easier

The automated machinery found within the hot melt adhesive industry has done tremendous things for a number of industries. However, there are always jobs that need to be performed manually no matter how far technology has taken us. For these tasks, workstations can be specifically designed to make things as simple as possible for the worker handling the job. Here is a closer look at how manual hot melt adhesive tools are easier to use within the confines of a workstation.

In-Line Extrusion Handguns

In-line extrusion handguns are great for workstations because they are light and ergonomically designed, making them comfortable for the operator to use for long periods of time. Overhead positioning and mounting not only makes it easy for the operator to apply the adhesive, but it also prevents the handgun from suffering too much wear and tear. A workstation with an in-line extrusion handgun may be the next best thing to an automated machine.

Traditional Handguns

The first thing that stands out about traditional handguns is the insulated grip, which makes it easy for any worker to hold it in a comfortable position for long periods of time. As part of a workstation, traditional handguns can be mounted on a bench, floor, or wall, creating plenty of flexibility. Overhead mounting is also available, a feature that improves precision and speed while also reducing the amount of effort the operator has to put forth. It’s also easy to manipulate the entry angle, which makes it easy for the worker to adjust to different types of applications and configurations.

In-Line Spray Guns

Tool balancers and booms as part of a workstation are imperative with in-line spray guns. The guns on their own are compact and relatively easy to handle for operators. But the overhead positioning with workstations makes it that much easier for workers to control the spray and be precise with the application.

Foot Pedals

Foot pedals are a unique tool that’s compatible with any of the above applicators. When used as part of a workstation, a foot pedal is in control of triggering the application of the adhesive. This helps to free up the operator’s hands for other tasks, which makes things move along much faster. It’s also harder for the worker to lose focus when they have to utilize both their feet and hands during the application process. Oddly enough, a foot pedal can also help to reduce worker fatigue, which helps to get the job done faster and error-free.

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