The Role of Hot Melt Adhesive in Product Assembly

The assembly line has long been the most efficient way of mass-producing just about any product. Of course, improvements are always being made to product assembly, and in recent decades, hot melt adhesives have become an integral part of the assembly process.

Here are just a few ways that hot melt adhesives have become critical to the success of an assembly line.

They Increase Productivity

One of the top benefits of hot melt adhesives is how quickly they are able to set. The adhesives are able to bond almost instantaneously and require little to no time for drying. The same can’t be said for all types of fasteners, and so hot melt adhesives play an important role in helping move the assembly line forward quickly without wasting time, and in turn, increasing productivity.

They’re Remarkably Versatile

The technological developments in hot melt adhesives allow them to be applied in a number of ways. Traditional glue guns are just the tip of the iceberg, as adhesives can now be applied via a spray, brush, wheel, and through various other devices that coat adhesive onto a product in whatever manner is necessary.

No matter how an assembly line requires adhesive to be applied, there’s likely a device that can apply it exactly that way. It’s also easy to alter the amount of adhesive that’s applied from one application to the next, further enhancing the versatility of hot melt adhesives on the assembly line.

They Reduce Costs

In addition to saving time, hot melt adhesives play an important role in reducing costs. In some industries, the use of adhesives can reduce the need for staples, screws, and other types of fasteners. Adhesives are generally less costly than these other options, and doing away with the need to have those other items on the assembly line can save a significant amount of money.

They Have Multiple Applications

Perhaps the biggest reason why hot melt adhesive has carved out such an impactful role in product assembly is that it’s useful in a wide variety of industries. Nearly every industry that utilizes mass production — from automobiles to electronics to appliances to mattresses and furniture — have found an important role for hot melt adhesives, making it invaluable in product assembly.

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