5 Common Uses of Fugitive Glue

One of the most common adhesives is a substance called fugitive glue. Most people have probably come into contact with fugitive glue on countless occasions in their lives without even realizing it. It often goes by colloquial names like “booger glue” or “snot glue,” so it’s easy to overlook its true name.

Fugitive glue is actually a rather useful substance. It’s designed to create a strong yet temporary bond between two objects. It comes in many forms, and it’s relatively easy to use. But once the bond is broken, it can’t be reapplied, which is part of what makes it so useful. Here are five common ways that we use fugitive glue.

New Credit Cards

Do you know when you get a new credit card and you have to peel it off a piece of paper before activating it? Well, that’s fugitive glue at work. Fugitive glue keeps your new credit card in place while it’s being mailed to you. Once it arrives, you peel it off and there’s little, if any, trace left of it when you start shopping and swipe the card.

Direct Mail

Any kind of marketing or informational materials sent through the mail almost always include fugitive glue in some form. If you’ve ever found a product sample, return envelope, questionnaire, or brochure in your mail, odds are it was sent to you with help from fugitive glue. It’s easy for distributors to apply and keeps items perfectly in place until it’s time for consumers to use them.

Craft Projects

Fugitive glue can be useful for any number of craft projects you do at home. This can include scrapbooking or making posters for school projects. If you ever need to keep something in place, items in a gift basket, for example, fugitive glue can prove to be quite useful.

Magazine Foldout

Holding two pieces of paper together temporarily is one of fugitive glue’s first uses and one of its most common. For instance, foldout pages in magazines, brochures, and other publications are often held together with fugitive glue to prevent damage during shipment. Once the magazine is opened, the fugitive glue dissipates after a job well done.

Assembly Line

There are many industries that have found a way to incorporate fugitive glue into the production process on the assembly line. Any time two or more items need to be held together only to be pulled apart later on, fugitive glue is arguably the best tool to use.

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