Standard Vs High-Volume Configurations in Hot Melt Adhesive Hoses

When it comes to hot melt adhesive hoses, most people are most familiar with two sizes. There is the standard configuration 06” hose and the high-volume configuration 08” hose. Each can be quite effective, but only when used for the right tasks, as both offer benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of each size hose.

Pros and cons of standard hoses

The standard 06” hose is tried and true and a viable option for almost any kind of adhesive application. They’re typically strong, durable, and capable of improving efficiency on just about any assembly line. When working with smaller amounts of adhesive, they can provide the precision necessary to get the job done right.

When using a standard 06” hose, there’s a limit on the volume and the flow of the adhesive. This isn’t necessarily a problem in all industries, and so it’s an issue that can be easily overcome. However, in the auto industry, for example, production can be slowed down by a standard hose, a problem that can be solved by using a high-volume 08” hose.

Pros and cons of high-volume configuration hoses

With the high-volume 08” hose, not only will you notice better flow in the adhesive, but there will also be better precision. Working with a hose that provides more volume and precision with the adhesive will increase the speed at which you can work. In the automotive industry, this can make things go much faster on the assembly line, particularly with regard to seats, batteries, and carpet, among other parts.

The downside of the high-volume 08” hose is that it’s not ideal for every industry. While it’s perfect for certain tasks in the auto industry, the high-volume configuration may provide too much power and too much flow for other industries, such as the packaging industry. For something like assembling cardboard boxes, the 08” hose may be considered overkill and not the most efficient option available.

Choosing a hose

In comparing the standard 06” hose and the high-volume 08” hose, both have merit and can be quite useful when used in the proper setting. The auto industry can benefit greatly from the high-volume hose, while packaging and other tasks may be better off with the standard hose.

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