The Best Hot Melt Adhesive Systems for Product Assembly

When it comes to applying hot melt adhesives on the assembly line, there are a number of options. The best option will likely depend on your industry and the specific needs of the operation. Below, learn about three of the best hot melt adhesive systems for product assembly, all of which can be implemented with the help of Sure Tack Systems.

Wide Web Spray System

HA2 One Module Spray Applicator

A wide web spray system is fully automated and designed for large-scale productions, including assembly lines for mattresses, furniture, and carpet tiles. Sure Tack’s wide web spray applicators utilize the latest technology to make them more economical with the amount of adhesive that’s used, which helps cut down on costs.

The compact heater bodies are also capable of holding between one and 14 modules. This creates a lot of versatility as it pertains to the scale of the project. It also makes it easy for companies to adapt to changing needs on the assembly line as the company grows.

The technology Sure Tack has developed for this kind of application system also includes inline filtration, which prevents the nozzle from clogging and makes it easy to clean and change the applicator filters.

Inline Spray Handgun

in-line hand gunThis system is similar to the wide web spray system; however, it’s manually operated instead of being automated. It’s often utilized by smaller-scale operations that are just getting started with foam packaging, furniture assembly, and other types of product assembly but aren’t yet ready to move up to the fully automated wide web spray system.

Until your business is ready to automate, you can benefit from a light and compact handgun applicator that’s a great combination of speed and precision for applying hot melt adhesives. Sure Tack’s spray handguns feature several mounting options to prevent damage to the gun and avoid operator fatigue, which can hinder productivity. Sure Tack also offers a wide range of nozzle configurations to meet your specific needs.

Manual or Automated Applicator Extrusion System

In-Line Extrusion Manual Application System

This is a more specialized type of system used to produce a small bead or dot of hot melt adhesive. You might find it when assembling products like picture frames, cardboard boxes, or even fireworks.

The automated extrusion system is similar to the wide web spray system in that the compact heater body can hold up to 14 modules and feature in-line filtration designed to prevent the nozzle from becoming plugged. Sure Tack also has the technology that allows these applicators to fit in narrow spaces and create the kind of cut-offs that reduce tailing.

The manual extrusion handguns are equally efficient as the inline spray handguns. They are light, simple to operate, and can be easily mounted to ensure high levels of precision and efficiency.

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