Choosing the Right Hot Melt Glue Equipment for Your Industry Application

in-line hand gunWhen it comes to hot melt adhesive application, a company’s equipment needs are almost always dependent on their industry. At Sure Tack Systems, we offer a wide range of useful products, but you need to understand the specific needs of your industry in order to pick the right hot melt glue equipment.

Here’s a closer look at the most common needs of several industries known for their use of hot melt adhesives.


The construction industry has a variety of needs when it comes to hot melt adhesive, as they may assemble anything from garage doors to window frames to insulation. Smaller manufacturing jobs sometimes require the precision of manual extrusion and spray applicators. However, larger products like doors, windows, and even garage doors require spray applicators that can help improve assembly line production rates.


The furniture industry also requires a diverse array of equipment depending on the specific job. For instance, mattresses and other large pieces of furniture often require automated systems that can coat large areas in order to keep productivity high. On the other hand, there are always instances that require the kind of precision that only manual extrusion applicators can provide.

Hot Melt Revolutionizing PackagingPackaging & Converting

This is another industry with diverse adhesive needs. In one respect, extrusion systems are necessary for sealing packages, which are in high demand these days because of the prevalence of online shopping, making production rate and efficiency of the utmost importance. It’s also possible that slot coating will be an important part of a company’s needs if they need to manufacture envelopes or labels. Finally, some packaging and converting applications involve products that are temperature sensitive. Sure Tack has engineered spray applicators to fit those in the packaging industry with this exact need.

Product Assembly

It doesn’t get any more diverse than product assembly, which can include items as small as shoes or picture frames, as well as items like rugs or office partitions, and everything in between. For larger products, a wide web spray applicator is the only piece of equipment that can ensure high levels of productivity. Of course, many smaller products require a more precise application. For these types of products, Sure Tack has manual extrusion and spray applicators that can help ensure high-quality work.

Airplane Assembly With Hot Melt AdhesivesTransportation

The transportation industry also covers a broad range of products with various needs. For example, automated application systems are often required for applying adhesive to large pieces of upholstery and insulation. However, the transportation industry also includes a surprising amount of small components, including pieces of molded plastic and batteries. These often require manual extrusion applicators in order to get the job done right.

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