Hot Melt Adhesive System Add-ons to Streamline Product Manufacturing

When you invest in a hot melt adhesive application system, it’s important to do everything you can to make the system runs as efficiently as possible. Often, it helps to add accessories to your system that can help improve production. With Sure Tack, all of our systems come with a supply unit, applicators, and multiple hoses. But we also offer several useful add-ons that can help give your system an additional boost.

Flow ValveFlow Valve Adjustment Lockout

This is an important tool for supervisors because they can adjust the adhesive flow rate to help ensure expensive adhesive doesn’t get wasted. Adjusting the flow valve can only be done with a key, so machine operators won’t be able to change how much adhesive they can use without permission. For larger operations with a lot of workers, a flow valve adjustment lockout can help save a lot of money in the long run.

Flow Valve Heater

The flow valve heater is an important accessory for companies that work with adhesives that have a high melting point. With this tool, you can increase the temperature of adhesives and improve the flow of high-temperature adhesives that tend to be a little thicker coming out of the applicator.

Foot Pedal Controls

If you use manual adhesive applicators, Sure Tack offers foot pedals that can make the job easier. Our foot pedals can help improve the control you have over the applicator and your overall precision. We also have foot pedals for automated operations in the works.

Glue Pressure GaugeGlue Pressure Gauge Assembly

With a glue pressure gauge assembly, you’ll have even more control over the pressure and flow of your adhesives. You’ll be able to monitor pressure and have more control over the output, helping to ensure you’re using the right amount of adhesive. Having a pressure gauge can also help you to notice any wear and tear on the pump, motor, or flow valve so you can repair or replace those items when necessary.

Operator Panel Lockout

This is another great tool for supervisors who are overseeing workers. It allows operators to turn the power and the pump on and off while also utilizing the self-diagnostic digital temperature readout. However, only the supervisor will have key access to set the temperature for the adhesive.

Timer/Sensor Control Systems

Sure Tack can create a custom control box and timed based control configuration that can make your entire system run smoothly. There are timing and sensing systems available that are important for both safety and pattern control. We offer custom control boxes that are applicable for bridge systems from 18’’ to 165’’.

Additional Motors

If you have varying adhesive formulas or need to further fine tune your output, Sure Tack offers a multitude of AC and DC motors that can help you accomplish that. AC motors can give you more horsepower and rpm configurations while variable speed DC motors can often be helpful when working with line following systems.

Wondering which of these adhesive system add-ons can enhance your bottom line? Contact Sure Tack Systems today.