Manual Inline Spray Gun Vs Automated Wide Web Spray System

When it comes to applying hot melt adhesives on the assembly line, most companies will decide between two options: a manual inline spray gun or an automated wide web spray system. With the help of Sure Tack Systems and the product benefits we offer — such as free lab testing, training, and 24/7 assistance — either system could work wonders for your business. However, it’s important to understand the differences between these two application methods so you can choose the one that is the best fit for your needs.

Manual Inline Spray GunIn-Line Spray Manula Application System

Manual applicators of hot melt adhesives are often seen with smaller companies and businesses that are just getting started. It’s often seen as a stepping stone for some companies to go through before working their way up toward an automated, large-scale system. In theory, a manual inline spray system can be used in any industry in which workers are performing the work themselves. However, it’s more common with small-product assembly, packaging, bedding, and other types of furniture assembly.

One of the biggest reasons why manual spray guns are more common with smaller companies is that they are less expensive to operate. They typically don’t use a large amount of adhesive, which can help a small company with tight margins reduce operating costs. The overall cost of the products and adhesives will be far more manageable than an automated system, which is why it’s seen as a precursor to larger systems that are often implemented once a business starts to grow and expand its operations.

Spray guns are also most useful for jobs that require high levels of intricacy and precision. That’s not to say that automated systems aren’t precise, but some jobs require skilled operators to complete the work with their own two hands. In such instances, manual inline spray guns are usually the best option. The good news is that Sure Tack has spray guns that are ergonomically designed so that the operator can get do the job to the best of his or her ability without feeling any pain or discomfort in their hands.

Automated Wide Web Spray System

HA2 Automatic Spray Gantry System

An automated wide web spray system is best utilized by a big company with a large-scale operation. At a certain point, it can become too expensive to pay for workers to apply hot melt adhesive manually using a spray gun, and it becomes more cost effective to switch to an automated system. This type of application has the versatility to work with any volume of adhesive, so that it can be utilized in nearly any industry, including carpet tiles, packaging, paper converting, and larger types of furniture assembly, such as mattresses.

While manual spray guns typically utilize less adhesive overall, Sure Tack’s automated spray systems can be just as economical when it comes to not letting expensive adhesive go to waste. Systems can be set up with specific instructions when it comes to the amount of adhesive being used. This results in less glue being used, not to mention fewer errors that are sometimes possible with manual application. On top of that, an automated spray system can also help improve productivity while also reducing manpower.

Automated spray systems from Sure Tack are also surprisingly good at adapting to changing needs and specifications because they can hold up to 14 modules. This not only makes Sure Tack’s automated system able to handle changing needs but complex designs as well. Perhaps more importantly, Sure Tack’s wide web spray system has inline technology that makes it easy to clean and change the applicator filters, which helps to cut down on cleanup time, making the operation run even more smoothly and efficiently.

Choose the right adhesive spray system for your needs

Regardless of what spray system you choose for your business, remember that Sure Tack Systems offers free lab testing on products and adhesives, free job training for our customers, and service technicians that can be reached 24/7. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Wondering which system is best for your business? Contact us today and we’ll walk you through the decision.