How Are Peel-and-Stick Carpet Tiles Produced?

Peel-and-stick carpet is one of the best options when it comes do-it-yourself flooring. With peel-and-stick carpeting, it’s easy to create unique designs that fit any room without a lot of hassle or having to pay a professional to install the carpeting. Peel-and-stick carpet tiles are made with hot melt adhesive, which is the important factor that makes it possible for anyone to install stylish carpet tiles.

How Peel-and-Stick Carpet is Made

The process of creating these tiles is quite simple. Large sections of carpeting feed into a machine, and a wide web spray system is utilized to coat the back of the carpet with a hot melt adhesive. The carpet can then be cut up into smaller pieces, creating adhesive carpet tiles that are easy to install in any room.

The key to the process is a spray applicator that can apply the adhesive to the carpet in the most efficient manner possible. At Sure Tack System, we specialize in designing and manufacturing wide web spray systems, which are an important component of product assembly in some industries, including carpeting, mattresses, and furniture manufacturing of all kinds.

Our technology makes it possible

Sure Tack’s spray applicators are versatile enough to meet the needs of any assembly line. They are capable of holding between one and 14 modules, with pattern widths that can accommodate up to 14 inches per module. Sure Tack designs its applicators with large spray patterns in mind, which can reduce the overall equipment needed to get the job done while also improving productivity. This also makes it easy to reconfigure operations in case spray needs grow or change.

Our company’s latest innovations include easy access in-line filtration to make the process of cleaning and changing the applicators as fast as possible. Module replacement can be done in the time it takes to remove two screws, ensuring minimal downtime when it comes to production on the assembly line. Advances in technology have also helped Sure Tack Systems produce applicators that are safer and don’t allow adhesive to be wasted, two important factors for any company no matter what products they manufacture.

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