The Best Hot Melt Gluing Equipment for Your Custom Application

When working with hot melt adhesive, the adhesive itself is often not nearly as important as the equipment and tools being used to apply it. On the assembly line, it’s critical that the right amount of adhesive gets applied in the right spot in the most efficient way possible. In short, the glue doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right application system in place.

At Sure Tack Systems, we understand that the success of your business hinges on having an efficient assembly line, which is only possible with the best equipment possible. That’s why we not only offer quality equipment but a diverse array of application systems as well. We offer extrusion, wide web spray, and slot coating systems that are either partially or fully automated to make the assembly line as efficient as possible. We also offer both extrusion and spray handguns that are manually operated, since some jobs need a human touch.

No matter the job, Sure Tack Systems has the equipment to get it done right. We offer innovative machines for mattress application, carpet and flooring application, automotive application, and even garage door application. We also offer hot melt gluing equipment for swatcher application, tippling application, packaging application, envelope application and more.

More importantly, most of our equipment can be modified to help you apply your hot melt adhesive exactly right. If one of our existing designs isn’t exactly what you need for your operation, we’re willing to work with you to create a custom-engineered system that will be a perfect fit for your specific application. At Sure Tack Systems, we want to make sure you have the best equipment possible so that your assembly line can run as smoothly as possible.

Whether you use one of our existing designs or work with us to create a custom application, we take pride in making sure our hot melt gluing equipment is easy to operate and maintain. If you’re having difficulty operating your equipment, Sure Tack Systems offers technical support 24/7. We also offer our customers one-on-one training on the equipment they need to use. This ensures that our customers have the best hot melt gluing equipment and know how to use it to get the best results.

Ready to find the best hot melt gluing equipment for your custom application? Contact Sure Tack Systems today.