How to Automate a Product Assembly Line’s Adhesive System

If you are a company, big or small, that relies on the assembly line to keep your business running, making certain processes automated can be a great way to boost efficiency. While not everything can be automated, your hot melt adhesive system is one thing that can become either partially or fully automated. Here are a few of your options when it comes to making your adhesive system automated.

Spray Applicators

An automated wide web spray system can be quite useful on the assembly line when it comes to furniture, mattresses, carpet tiles, and other products that require a large amount of adhesive being applied to the product. Spray systems from Sure Tack Systems can be fully customized, holding between one and 14 modules so you can use the exact amount of adhesive that you need every time while also applying it quickly and efficiently. This type of automated system can significantly cut down on any wasted adhesive or wasted time. Sure Tack also uses inline filtration for its spray system, which prevents clogging and keeps the assembly line moving.

Extrusion Applicators

Extrusion applicators will typically use less adhesive compared to wide web spray systems, but they can still become automated. They are similar to the automated spray applicators in that they can hold up to 14 modules and have the same kind of inline filtration design that helps to prevent clogged nozzles that can hold up the assembly line. Sure Tack’s automated extrusion applicators are also capable of applying adhesive into tight spaces and can be just as effective as manual extrusion handguns. This makes automated extrusion applicators perfect for assembly lines that deal with packaging and smaller products.

Slot Coating Applicators

Slot coating applicators are always automated and have the benefit of being able to handle both a diverse range of volumes, speeds, and patterns. Sure Tack’s slot coating systems can handle anything from 1/8’’ up to 12’’ while also adapting to various speeds and customized designs. For assembly lines that operate at a high speed or have a specialized pattern for applying adhesives, an automated slot coating applicator will likely be the perfect fit and a huge help for improving the overall efficiency of the assembly line.

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