Team Training For Hot Melt Adhesive Systems

Sure Tack Systems are designed for efficiency, smooth operation and extensive use — but that doesn’t mean everyone uses them correctly. Many system failures and breakdowns can be easily prevented simply by knowing how to operate and maintain the equipment properly. This is why we include team training for our hot melt adhesive systems as part of our wide-reaching customer support policy.

How the Team Training Works

When your Sure Tack hot melt adhesive system is installed and ready to go, we’ll schedule a time for one of our experts to provide comprehensive training to your entire team, including anyone who will be operating the equipment as well as anyone else who needs to understand how it works. Our team training includes the following:

  • Proper daily operation of each part of the system.
  • System-specific training. We customize the training specifically to the equipment you have installed, so you’re not wasting time learning about components you don’t need or won’t use.
  • Preventative maintenance protocols — to ensure optimal productivity, prevent many breakdowns and extend the life of your products.
  • One-on-one training and support. Even when training an entire team, we don’t treat it like a “class.” We provide one-on-one training as needed to make sure every person on your team has their questions answered and has a good working knowledge of the system.

Ongoing Lifetime Support

One of the greatest benefits of Sure Tack team training for our hot melt adhesive systems is not just that it’s free, but that it’s ongoing — for as long as you own the equipment. We understand that as you grow, expand or experience turnover, you may have new employees who need to learn the equipment. You may also install updates and expansions to the system itself. Sure Tack understands that training is an ongoing need with our clients, so we’ll come back and train your new people, or provide refresher courses, as often as needed, for the life of your Sure Tack system.

At Sure Tack, we want your hot melt adhesive system to help your company be as productive and profitable as possible. Team training for hot melt adhesive systems is just one way we help meet this goal. To learn more about our systems, training options and support, contact Sure Tack Systems today.